Who We Are

What is Discover Aviation Center?

Discover aviation Center was founded to reach out to local area residents, particularly area youth, at the airport, in their community and at their schools. We accomplished this by combining the talents of various aviation organizations that all share similar goals. Discover Aviation Center can mentor each individual with a passion for aviation and steer them towards the organization that best fits their needs. If you want to learn to fly, we can introduce you to various flying schools, flying clubs and flight instructors. If you want to learn to design and build an airplane we can get you to the Lorain County Radio Control Club or the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association. If you are into World War II Aircraft, you might want to join the local wing of the Commemorative Air Force, and there is no more righteous path than a young person becoming a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. The International Woman’s Air and Space Museum at Burke Lakefront Airport celebrates the achievements that women played in aviation history and the Cleveland chapter of Women in Aviation International promotes and supports women in the aviation industry.

Why do we do this?

There are many reasons why General Aviation needs a boost. The economy, 9/11, security, bad publicity, big fences all have contributed to the lack of participation. It also hasn’t helped that an entire generation of aviators that the government trained during WWII, Korea and Vietnam have gotten older and gone west. Those aviators were the men and women that introduced their family and friends to general aviation. No one has filled that void.

We want to bring people back to the airport by having events that keep current aviators active and safe and by introducing people, that might have the passion for flight, to general aviation. We want to grow the general aviation population and make your local airport an important resource and economically successful.

What is Discover Aviation Day?

Discover Aviation Day is an annual Spring event at the Lorain County Regional Airport that was created as a fun and educational family event to introduce people to the world of General Aviation. We know that many people who’ve gone to an aviation event have decided they wanted to learn to design, build or fly an airplane. The more people we can introduce to aviation, the more chances we have of bringing them back to the airport. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes for an airplane to fly, Discover Aviation Day has the answer. Discover Aviation Day can get you started on your way to a career in aviation, whether as a pilot or in one of the many ground support fields.